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Old Town Tour With Wine Tasting And Cable Cars

The ultimate get-to-know tour of Tbilisi. Discover the Old town and taste best of Georgian wines in an ancient wine cellar!

Short History Of Tbilisi

Legend has it that the present-day territory of Tbilisi was uninhabited and covered by forest as late as 458 AD, the date medieval Georgian chronicles assign to the founding of the city by King Vakhtang I Gorgasali of Iberia (or Kartli, present-day eastern Georgia).

Archaeological studies of the region have however revealed that the territory of Tbilisi was settled by humans as early as the 4th millennium BC. The earliest written accounts of settlement of the location come from the second half of the 4th century AD, when a fortress was built during King Varaz-Bakur’s reign (ca. 364). Towards the end of the 4th century the fortress fell into the hands of the Persians, but was recaptured by the kings of Kartli by the middle of the 5th century.

According to one account King Vakhtang Gorgasali (r. 447-502) went hunting in the heavily wooded region with a falcon. The king’s falcon caught a pheasant, but both birds fell into a nearby hot spring and died. King Vakhtang was so impressed with the discovery that he decided to build a city on this location. The name Tbilisi derives from the Old Georgian word “Tpili”, meaning warm. The name Tbili or Tbilisi (“warm location”) therefore was given to the city because of the area’s numerous sulfuric hot springs, which are still heavily exploited, notably for public baths, in the Abanotubani district. This mythical foundation account is still popular, but archaeological evidence shows that Vakhtang revived, or rebuilt parts of the city (such as Abanotubani, or the Metekhi palace, where his statue now stands) but did not found it.




  • Ride in cable car
  • Wine tasting at an ancient wine cellar
  • Learn some local history on Meidan Square
  • Explore Tbilisi’s charming Old Town
  • Check out the impressive Bridge of Peace
  • Spot the Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia) monument
  • Pass the city’s famous sulphur baths
  • See the ancient Narikala Fortress
  • Look inside of Sameba (Trinity) Church
  • Amazing view from Metekhi Church
  • Tasting Legendary Georgian cuisine  
  • And lots more Interesting...


Duration: 7 hours

Start: Hotel, at 11 AM

Language: English; Russian; German, Arabic

Places To Visit:

  1. Sameba (Trinity) Church
  2. Metekhi Church
  3. Riding by Cable car
  4. Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia)
  5. Narikala Fortress
  6. Botanical Garden
  7. Abanotubani
  8. Waterfall in Old Town
  9. Freedom Square
  10. Bridge of Peace
  11. Wine Tasting
  12. And lots more...!

Price Includes:

  • Transportation
  • Tour
  • Guiding
  • All  Entry Ticket Fees
  • Wine Tasting

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  • Restaurant
  • Drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Cable car Fee